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Kindergarten at Charlemagne is a unique experience of cultural awakening and second language learning. Students will learn French starting day one while also receiving a full palette of English Language Arts, math, science, physical education, and art!

Mme Elise,, Room 2

Mme Michele Jensen,, Room 3


Mark Belongings
As the school year starts, I would like to remind you all to write your children’s names on everything! Clothing items get lost every year and we would like to be able to get them back to you.

Snack (Le Goûte)
No Nuts! Due to several nut allergies in our classroom, we ask that you please not send any nuts or nut products to school. If you do send nuts to school, you child will be asked to sit away from the other students during snack or lunch time.

Snack time is a great time to learn how to talk about different foods in French. We encourage parents to send items that lend themselves to culturally appropriate discussion. For instance, foods that French people eat may be fruits, cheese, eggs, yogurt, etc. Also, please limit the size of snack you send. Five and six year olds need only a small snack to carry them over until lunch, which is about an hour after snack time. For instance, whole apples are typically nibbled on and discarded. Try a half an apple. Please pack the snack in such a way that your child knows it is to be eaten at snack time, and not during lunch.

In order to allow each student to feel loved and healthy on their birthday we celebrate everyone in the same way. Due to district policy we are not allowed to have sugary treats in our school. Therefore, each student will get a chapeau (our good job slip) and a pencil on their birthday. If you are having a private party outside of school, you are welcome to use the directory to send invites or I will pass out invites as long as everyone in the class is invited.