Medications at school

Beginning Tuesday at our Meet the Teacher event, we will be accepting medications and accompanying authorization forms.

Please bring the medication in its original container along with the medication authorization form to the front office: Medication Authorization Aug 2017

Here are the requirements for school personnel to receive and administer medications to students:

  • Medications are current and not expired.
  • Medications must be accompanied by a completed medication authorization form. ( available for pick up in office or online: Medication Authorization Aug 2017 )
  • All medications must be in their original packaging with dosing instructions or prescription labels.
  • The dose of medication indicated on the medical authorization form must be consistent with dosing recommendations on the package.
  • If a medication is to be administered at a certain time, the medical authorization form must match the time indicated on the prescription bottle or dosing frequency directions on non-prescription medication.
  • Non-prescription meds can be given only with parent permission. The medication must be in the original packaging and used only for FDA approved purposes consistent with manufacturer’s guidelines.

For non-prescription medication that is not FDA approved, a written order from the students’ prescriber is required and must include the name of the student, name of the medication, dosage, method of administration, frequency of administration, a statement that the medication may be administered while the student is in school, any other special instructions, and the signature of the prescriber.

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