Dear Families,
March is here and it is time to start gearing up for our spring fundraising events! Our Spring Auction and Direct Drive Kick-off will be on Friday, April 18 at the Vet’s Club. There was some confusion about the date of this event, so please check your calendars and make sure you have the correct date. This year the auction committee is asking each classroom to put together a package to sell at the live auction. PTO representatives for each classroom will be asking for your help and contributions, so get creative and work together to come up with some awesome packages! The live auction was a great success last year, so please help make it even more successful this year! More detailed information and some ideas for possible packages are provided below.
Thank you to Gina Thompson for coordinating Classified Staff Appreciation week. Each of our classified staff is instrumental in making Charlemagne such a great school and we truly appreciate all they do for us! Please be sure and continue to show your appreciation to them throughout the year.
Heather Perry – Secretary
Devin Brown – Bilingual Instructional Assistant
Travis VanHorn – Bilingual Instructional Assistant/KG
Quena Keis – Bilingual Instructional Assistant
Jeanne Walrath – Bilingual Instructional Assistant
Kathy Reed – Technology
Veronica Tift – Lunch Lady
Kurt Lovinger – Custodian
Rob Potter- Evening Custodian
Deborah Sinot – Health Clerk
Emma LaFison – high school office assistant
Charlemagne Battle of the Books (CBOB) will take place this week. Please see detailed information from Jennifer Frei below.
The 2013-14 Charlemagne directory is now available. You may contact Heather in the office if you would prefer a hard copy. We apologize for the delay in getting the directory out this year. The new Synergy System the district implemented has been difficult for employees to use and created delays in the process. We are working with the district to streamline the process for next year.
Activities this week are:
Tuesday: CBOB battles
Wednesday: CBOB battles
Thursday: CBOB battles
Have a great week!
Melissa Gomsrud and Angie Davis
PTO Co-Chairs


Hello, Charlemagne parents!
Our 2nd annual auction is coming up on Friday, April 18th at the Vet’s Club.
Last year was our first attempt at this event offsite and it was a major success. As you all know, our school relies heavily on fundraising and this is a really, really fun way to help our cause. Money raised goes to funding staff and classroom specialists. Last year there was only enough money for one teacher in 4th grade and one in 5th grade. This was the first time in Charlemagne history. This year, due in large part to fundraising efforts, we have two teachers in every class. Just saying.
This event is also an opportunity to spend some time with parents, teachers and friends with a common goal. That’s a good thing. Community building with music and drinks in a classic venue like the Vet’s Club can’t be beat.
The following is what we need from YOU to get things rolling. We would like each classroom to put together a package to sell at the auction by Friday, April 11. Experiences were the big hits.
Urban Olympics – Parents compete in ping pong, pool, darts and badminton. It’s fun. Think summer camp but with beer.
Star Gazing & Wine and Appetizers for 15 Is there an astronomer in the house? If not, I think there’s an app for that.
Professional Chef/Dinner Party for 15 Anybody have a farm animal we can roast? Seriously. Last year someone gave us a lamb. It was unexpected and really good.
KICKBALL & SIZZLE PIE@TUGMAN PARK – 20 Kid spots for a sweaty game of kickball and pizza? #kickinitoldschool
VACATION – Give up your getaway for a good cause. Hopefully, a sunny one. Pump it up with a restaurant gift certificate. It’s 5:00 and sunny somewhere.
POKER PARTY FOR 8 – The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks the can play.
THE I’M BUSY & NOT CREATIVE PACKAGE – Don’t fear. A big basket of gift cards is always a hit. We won’t judge.
Jen Wes

CBOB Battles begin this week!

Charlemagne Parents and Families,
It’s time! The Charlemagne Battle of the Books (CBOB) will be in full action this week! It’s exciting that Charlemagne has 23 teams participating in CBOB.
I’ve heard that many teams have been meeting in the past couple weeks, and the lunchtime discussions last week and 3rd grade practices this week have shown clearly the enthusiasm which is building among 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.
During Preliminary Battles on Tuesday (3/11) and Wednesday (3/12), all teams will participate in two battles, one on each morning (between 8:40 and 11:15am). Teams earn a score in each battle based on their responses to questions about the books.
The eight teams with the highest total score from their two Preliminary Battles will progress to the Great Eight Battles on Thursday (3/13; 8:40 – 10:30am). Again, these eight teams will each engage in two battles. The four teams with the highest total scores will represent Charlemagne and progress to the cross-school battles at Lebanon on Monday, 3/17, 9am – 2pm.
These four teams will return to the Charlemagne Final Battles, which will be held during an assembly on Thursday, 3/20, 12:30 – 2:15pm. The team with the highest total score from two Final Battles will be the Charlemagne Battle of the Books Champion.
The full battle schedule is posted here. The team list and battle rules are here, along with documents, links, and study aids.
Please encourage and support your student(s) to read the books and actively discuss them with their team. It’s been very energizing to hear the teams preparing and showing pride in their knowledge of the books!
Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Jennifer Frei

Fiber Arts Club needs knitting and crocheting volunteers

Do you love to knit or crochet? Fiber Arts Club needs your help! We’re tackling knitting and crocheting in the spring term and I really need a few volunteers to have enough hands to teach the kids.
Fiber Arts Club is held Fridays after school from 1:30-2:30 p.m. The Spring session dates are April 4, 11, 18, 25, and June 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.​
​Please contact Joanna Bartlett at joanna.y.bartlett@gmail.com or 541-525-5144 if you can help. Thank you!


Introducing a fun creative art class that will teach the fundamentals of both drawing and painting for 1st to 5th graders. We will experiment and play with different art materials, look at color and techniques from passed masters as well as go into nature and create images from what we see and feel around us.
The classes will start after school on Tuesday April 8, the 2nd week of school. It will run from 2:45 to 4:20 and cost $160 for 8 weeks. For more information click here.
My contact info: email : lillartistree@outlook.com, Tel 541 228 4821.

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Please email us if you have any other after school activity ideas, eNews articles, or want to let us know about something your kids do that you think others would be interested in!

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