All About Amity Interns!

Our Amity Intern program makes Charlemagne special.  

Every year, Charlemagne accepts teaching interns from French-speaking countries around the world.  Interns enrich our school community enormously by sharing their culture and language and a global perspective.  Interns also enhance students’ academic experiences by supporting teachers with French language instruction in classrooms.    

Hear directly from students and staff about how interns have impacted their French Immersion experience by watching our short video!


Teacher Testimonials – Why We Value Our Interns

Our teachers love having interns in their classrooms—it is a mutually beneficial experience.  Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Having an intern in my classroom is truly a rewarding experience.  Students get to hear another young adult speaking French and gain a whole new perspective on language!

“Every year, our interns connect so well in our school community!  Some of the them end up volunteering with after-school activities or big school events which lends a whole new element tour immersion program!

“Students are naturally curious and having an intern in my classroom connects them to something beyond the work we do every day. Interns heighten the expectations of speaking French and students have a real audience—not just their teachers—to practice speaking.

“An intern in my classroom means I can get to more students in a shorter amount of time because there are two of us speaking French! I can rely on her to help check-in with students, have one-on-one times for reading or writing, and teach fun lessons on Francophone art and music.


Example of an Intern’s Day – How they help

L’Heure Activité
Morning Prepare Classroom -Clean & Tidy the room

-Prepare teaching materials

Morning Greeting -Welcome students

-Connect & help students transition into class

Small Groups French -Speak French (build immersion, vocabulary, improve pronunciation)

– Run teaching games (i.e. “Sparkle”)

– Run small groups (provide more individualized attention)

Reading – Run small groups

– Correct reading

– Improve comprehension

Math – Run small groups

– Play math games

– Help individuals that need more attention

Recess -Wearing a bright jacket, oversee recess (safety deterrent to strangers)

– Help tie shoes

-Talk to children who are having a hard time

– Escort children from room to recess

Lunch Lunch -Help open lunch containers

-Help kids transition between recess & lunch

Afternoon Afternoon Greetings -Help students transition from lunch/recess to classroom
French, Math, Reading -Run small groups

-Provide individualized attention

-Reinforce learning/teaching

End of Day -Tidy up the classroom


This Year’s Interns

Meet Fannie Lepetite, 2nd grade Intern                                                 

  • From the southern suburbs of Paris
  • 21 years old
  • Recent graduate from University of Paris Descartes with a Bachelor in Language Sciences with a specialty in French as a Foreign Language
  • Hopes to become a teacher of FFL (French as a Foreign Language)
  • Enjoys walks, sports, shopping, music (Latin & hip-hop), reading, animals, & playing board games.

Thank you Danielle & Maurizio Bottalico for hosting Fannie Aug – Dec 2018!

Thank you Elisha & Mark Hibbard for hosting Fannie Jan – June 2019!



Meet Victor Batilliot, 4th grade Intern                                                 

  • From Angers (W of France near Brittany)
  • 21 years old
  • Studied English, Civilization, & the English language itself
  • Youngest of 3 brothers
  • Would like to teach English at a University
  • Enjoys listening to music, TV, musicals, travel, cooking, & baking

Thank you Jessica & Phil Barnhart for hosting Victor!

Meet Catherine Behm, 5th grade Intern                                                 

  • From Toulouse (SW France)
  • 25 years old
  • Recent graduate from university in Toulouse with a Bachelors in English
  • Plans on obtaining her Masters after this internship at Charlemagne
  • Enjoys running, watching soccer, movies, discovering new restaurants & traveling.

Thank you Claire Matese & Jason Nuckols for hosting Catherine!


Meet Adama Diallo, 3rd grade Intern                                                 

  • From Diamy Gallo, Senegal
  • 26 years old
  • Studied English, African Culture and African Literature
  • Plans on becoming a teacher at the university level
  • Enjoys sharing his culture, learning about others and education through the medium of storytelling

Thank you Karpinskis & Whittakers for hosting Adama!

Interested in Becoming a Host Family?

Host families provide:

  • A private room
  • Transportation to & from school
  • 3 meals a day
  • For 3 months


Ask previous hosts about their hosting experience:

Charlemagne is fortunate to have had host families participate from virtually every grade level. Would you like to chat with a previous host parent or two? The host family coordinators will be glad to connect you and help get any answers you need.


Be a “Fill In Family”

Interns occasionally need hosting situations for just a few days to fill in gaps. This is a great way to introduce your family to the idea of welcoming an intern into your home.

More Hosting Questions?

Please e-mail


Can’t be a host family, but want to support our Intern program?

Please donate to direct drive.  All funds raised by direct drive for the Charlemagne PTO fund this Intern program.


Your tax-deductible donation can be made in two ways:


Our goal is to raise $115,000 in the 2018-19 school year.  

If we raise an average of $330 per student, we can reach our goal!

All funds raised support our intern program and educational assistants.  


For your records, our tax ID number is 46-1825220

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