Curriculum and Program Model

Charlemagne is a public elementary school in the 4J district. Our mission is to provide a French/English bi-lingual education that enables every child to acquire the academic and interpersonal skills necessary to become a confident, competent, contributing member of the Charlemagne Learning Community and to help establish the foundation for every student to become an inspired and productive global citizen.


Students receive instruction in all content areas in both French and English.

Program Model

Students receive instruction in French with the goal of using French as the vehicle for learning academic content such as science, social studies, art, physical education and history. Math in our program will be provided primarily in English with some rudements in French (such as numbers and basic shapes).

Students will receive increasing amounts of instruction in English in third, fourth and fifth grades. The program continues at Roosevelt Middle School. At the middle and high school levels, students will enroll in one or two immersion courses that are primarily a content area such as geography that also reinforce their French language art skills. The program continues at South Eugene High School. The amount and type of courses offered at the high school level will fluctuate with student interest as well as staffing for the building.

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