About Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School

Bienvenue à Charlemagne!   

At Charlemagne, we are committed to empowering every student to acquire the crucial academic and interpersonal skills necessary for participating and communicating in an international, multilingual community. Our work is to prepare empathetic global citizens who can respond creatively to an increasingly interdependent world. 

We are proud to be one of the most established immersion elementary schools in Eugene and in the state of Oregon. We wholly believe in the benefits of our language immersion program in which students develop oral and written fluency in French and English. The hallmarks of our school include: 

  • An articulated and integrated curriculum in grades K–5
  • A differentiated approach for a variety of learners
  • A culturally-rich curriculum that exposes students to the breadth and depth of the Francophone world
  • A diverse and committed community of families

Your student’s enrollment at Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School is the first step in an exciting journey that opens worlds. At the end of 5th grade, French Immersion students attend Roosevelt Middle School with their cohort for grades 6–8. From there, students enter the immersion program at the Eugene International High School at South Eugene High School for grades 9–12. Successful completion of Eugene IHS at South earns immersion students a special medallion, a unique graduation ceremony, and a chance to demonstrate French language proficiency by earning the Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy. 

We eagerly anticipate your student’s journey and hope to be partners in their education. 


We strive to support each student by creating a safe, structured and student-centered learning environment. This is accomplished through differentiated instruction, culturally responsive practices and high levels of student engagement with a francophone focus.


The French Immersion community will empower every child to acquire the French and English academic and interpersonal skills necessary to become a kind, empathetic, contributing member of society and will support their path to becoming global citizens.

Core Values

  • We create a learning environment that is inclusive, appreciative and respectful of our diverse community.
  • We believe every student is an important member of our learning community.
  • We know as a community we are more successful together.
  • We model and support a growth mindset through which all individuals can learn and grow.
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