Charlemagne Elementary School Choice 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I enroll in Charlemagne?

A: You must first apply for the lottery.  Visit the 4j school choice page to find out all lottery related information:


Q: How many students are in each class?

A:  We have 2 classrooms at each grade level.  Kindergarten (25 students per class) and 1st grade (30 students per class) are self contained.  Grades 2-5 have 30 students per class.


Q: What do you mean by “self contained”?

A: Teachers in KG and 1st grade have the same students all day long. They are fluent in French and try to spend about 90% of their time in French.


Q: If KG and 1st are self contained what are the other grade levels?

A: In grades 2-5 students spend half a day in French and half a day in English.  Each student is assigned a “home” room either  Red or Blue. One week Red class starts the day in English and the afternoon is in French.  While Blue class starts in French and finishes in English.  Then the next week that flips.  Red class starts in French and then goes to English and Blue does the opposite.  This way the students get to experience the teacher teaching a subject matter sometimes for the first time and sometimes on a second teaching.


Q: How much recess do students have?

A: Students in grades KG-3rd have two recess periods a day plus a lunch recess.  4th and 5th have a morning recess and lunch recess but not usually an afternoon recess.


Q: What about music and PE?

A: Currently students get music and PE twice a week.


Q: Are there plans for adding another KG classroom?

A: At this time there are no plans for a third KG classroom?


Q:  What supports do you have for ELL students, those with speech and language needs, and other challenges?

A: We have support staff and teachers for ELL students as well as for students with learning disabilities.


Q:  Do you have any before or after school care?

A:  The YMCA is on site and has before and after school programs.  Morning programs start at  7 and after school they have care until 6 p.m.  Additionally, we have several organizations that offer after school programs.  In past years we have had art, science, outdoor, golf, tennis, chess, dance, to name a few on site.  We have also had bus service by groups to afterschool programs like Little French school, Moss street center, Academic Achievement Center (AAC) and others.


Q: What time does school start and end?

A: When we return to a normal school day first bell rings at 8:20. Students are expected to be in their seats ready to learn when the second bell rings at 8:30. School ends at 3:00pm M/T/Th/F with Wednesday early release being at 1:45.


Q: What kind of volunteer opportunities are there? Are we required to volunteer?

A: We have many volunteer opportunities both in the classroom and with our PTO. You are not required to volunteer but it does provide families with another opportunity to connect with the school community and build lasting relationships.


Q:  Are there are preferences for admittance?

A: Preferences for admittance is siblings , French speaking, free and reduced lunch, returning students.


Q: Are there any fees to go to Charlemagne?

A: No.  We do ask for a contribution at the beginning of each school year to cover supplies and field trips but it is not required.


Q: Does 4J provide bussing to Charlemagne?

A: 4J does not currently provide any bussing to Charlemagne.

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