Hooray for Hosting!

Dear Families,

Host families provide a room to stay, share their meals, and provide as much transportation as possible. it’s like having an older kid for a little bit, and it’s greatly rewarding. Want to practice your pronunciation? Learn some cool French idioms, or how to make perfect crêpes? Maybe hosting is for you! Contact Cynthia, Alice, and Olivia to take the next step! We still need 6-8 host families for the rest of the year.

When you see any of these generous hosts at pickup, please thank them first, and then ask them any questions you have about their experience.

David and Alison Cadaret
Arthur and Camille Leider
Chris Miller and April Herlache
Kristine Nelson
Sridhar Ramacrandran and Prita Mani
Kyle and Sara Roadman
Craig and Kari Parsons
Andrew Wireman and Amy Brooks
Brett and Melissa Gomsrud
Kathy Lynn and Joshua Skov
Garth and Kathy Meldrum
Kathryn Snell-Ryan
Sue Wieslek


We also hope everyone can join us for our first PTO meeting on Sept. 26 at 6:30 p.m. Come and learn what is happening at our school and how you can get involved with all kinds of activities. Principal Eric will be there to share more detail on last year’s performance data, fresh from the district.

Feel free to email Chris at info@cmiller.com or Brooke at brookeparrill@gmail.com with any questions.

Have a great week!\


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