Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a lovely Spring Break!
A Big Bravo to Charlemagne Battles of the Books Teams!  And a giant thank you to Jennifer Frei for all her amazing coordination!  Please read her letter below.
Green School/Garden Meeting, Th April 3rd, 2pm in conference room – Anyone interested in helping out with the school garden or assisting with Charlemagne’s green school effort is invited. We are especially seeking new families to Charlemagne!
Plus – School Garden Work party, Sat April 5th, 10am-noon, rain date Sat April 12th. All families are invited to help spruce up the garden. Bring your favorite tools and gloves. Snacks and drinks provided. RSVP if possible.
Our garden border is desperately in need of color! Any donations would be appreciated, but we really need flowers in gallon pots. Plants can be left in the office all week and will be planted at the work party this weekend. Merci in advance!  Questions or to RSVP contact Tabatha (tabandrews@gmail.com) or Erika (erikamarkmcfarlane@gmail.com)
Please read the letter below, written by kindergarten parent, Sofie Prideaux, in support of Mme Elise.
A fabulous new session of Artistree Art Class is beginning next week!  The flier is here.
Charlemagne Science Fair is coming up on Thursday, May 1st!  Please see the exciting information below.
Spring Auction is all set for Friday, April 18 at the Vet’s Club.  Child care will be available at school.
Activities this week are:
Thursday: Green School/Garden Meeting (2pm in conference room)
Saturday: Garden Work Party
Have a great week!
Melissa Gomsrud 
Angie Davis
PTO Co-Chairs



There has been some confusion regarding the class packages. Here is a better explanation of what we hope to get for the auction!
Last year a small committee put together most of the auction. It was our first big year off campus and it was a great success but it was also a ton of work for a few people. This year we are looking for some of the packages to come from individual classes. It is a great way for parents to help out and it also brings some diversity to the auction items.
O’Hara does this and it is quite successful.
  • A poker party for 8 was just an example I threw out there. A parent or parents would organize and host it (with drinks and food if they want) and bidding starts at $100, for example. Whoever wins the party gets to invite up to 8 people.
  • Big dinners can go for up to $1200/each so those are always welcome additions!
  • A trip to the Raptor Center for 15 kids, for example, would probably be auctioned off differently. Each kid could buy in for $30 or so. That item would be worth $450.
  • I know that one class (2nd grade?) has a 2-night stay at the Coast they are working on. Another idea is to get a teacher to volunteer their time for bowling or ice cream at the park or something. Get creative!

Bike tour? Garden tour? Wine tasting? More than one package is fantastic!
On top of that, we are also welcoming individual donations. For example: facials, massages, bikes, tutoring, gardening consultation, etc…

One last thing! We are encouraging wine donations to start at $15/retail. We want to make sure that for the price of the pull people are getting something for the money that they are spending. Let me know if you have any questions! Lots to think about over spring break!
Below is a list of O’Hara’s class packages for their auction this year. Granted, it is UO heavy but it’s a great reference/idea generator. Even though we can’t get any athletes to sign things for us for profit, Mark Helfrich said that he will happily sign any merchandise that we have. If anybody has anything worthwhile I can take it to him. (like a BEAVER football?) Email me (Jenwestdesign@comcast.netwith questions. This is getting FUN. SERIOUSLY.
Thank you!
Jen West

CBOB Battles Final Annoucement

Charlemagne Parents and Families,
I hope everyone enjoyed the Spring Break! The Charlemagne Battles of the Books came to an exciting conclusion on the last day before the break. During an assembly, the Top Four teams battled on their knowledge of the 16 OBOB books while their fellow students, 2nd graders, and kindergarteners observed. I was impressed by how focused and composed the teams remained. Ultimately:
FOUR FIERCE FRENCHIES earned the title of Charlemagne Battle of the Books Champion! Please join me in congratulating Kennedy, Hailey, Linde, and Macy!
You may remember that prior to our final battles, the Top Four teams travelled to Lebanon High School and engaged in battles with teams from several school districts. We are appreciative to Lebanon for hosting this large event, which included 31 grade school teams and 9 middle school teams. Our four teams were patient, focused, and gracious throughout the day, representing Charlemagne well.
The Barbarians, Alejandro, Tyler, Timmy, and Asa, placed 5th overall among the 31 grade school teams!
I have so enjoyed being involved in CBOB this year. It’s been inspiring to see the enjoyment students have experienced throughout the process … from reading! Their enthusiasm starting with the lunchtime discussions continued throughout the battles.
And I’m truly thankful to the many parents who have supported CBOB in a variety of roles: Amy S., Joanna, JoAnn, Leslie, Rosa, Laura, Robin, Jennifer L., Madeleine, Jo, Amy C., Steve, Doug, Bob, Cindy, Becca, Maria, Char, Melody, Natalie, and Jet. Amy Samson provided materials and guidance from last year, and answered my many questions. Madame Morley, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers, and school staff members were also instrumental in assuring that all activities went smoothly.
The Final Battles Score Summary Sheet is posted on the OBOB section of the school website.
In case you’re already planning for next year, OBOB has officially announced 12 of the books for 2014-2015. The remaining book titles will be released by May 1. You can find the list on their website.
Jennifer Frei


Science Fair May 1st!

Levitating magnets, Bouncy Polymers, and Seismic Waves?  What does it all mean?
It means the Charlemagne Science Fair is coming up soon, and it’s time to start thinking about projects!
Projects will be displayed right after school on Thursday, May 1st.  Individual classes will also visit the Science Fair throughout the day on Friday, May 2nd.
Last year there were over 100 fascinating projects by Charlemagne students of all ages.  Everyone is welcome, and there is no limit to the types of projects kids can enter.  Spring break is a perfect time to start generating some ideas and planning a fun project.  Here are some links to help you get started:
More information will be sent out after Spring break, and registration opens April 1st.  See Madame Heather in the office to register.  Tri-fold boards to display projects will also be available for purchase in the office.
Questions? Want to volunteer your help?  Please email Christy Sheerin or Carey Norgaard at:  charlemagnescience@gmail.com


Help Mdme. Elise!

As you might have heard, Mme Elise may be leaving after this school year unless her fiance can find a job in the area.  Her fiance’s name is Caleb Salmond, and he is a school counselor.  Elise is an exceptional teacher and an invaluable asset to the Charlemagne community, and it would be so sad to see her go.
With Elise’s permission, I’ve written and attached a letter to Superintendent Berman advocating for Elise and her fiance.  If you would like to add your name in support, please email me back and I’ll get you on the list before I give the letter to the superintendent tomorrow, April 1st.  Please pass on this email to any and all grade levels, as I know Mme Elise is highly regarded by all.
Please take a look this letter, send me your name if you want, then pass this email/letter on to anyone else who may be interested.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Sofie Prideaux (Milo’s Mom–Kindergarten Blue Class)


Please submit articles by Friday at 5:00pm for inclusion in the following week’s eNews.

Please email us if you have any other after school activity ideas, eNews articles, or want to let us know about something your kids do that you think others would be interested in!

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