Please read this message completely and carefully … there is information about battles happening tomorrow (Thursday) and next week.

We’re so thankful to all students, families, and volunteers who participated in the Charlemagne Battle of the Books! It’s a testament to a great school that Charlemagne had 23 teams this year! Students appeared excited about the books and what they knew … and that’s the point!

Among the 23 teams, those teams with the eight highest total scores from their two Preliminary Battles continue into the Great Eight Battles tomorrow, Thursday, 3/13, 8:40 – 10:30am.

The Great Eight are:

  • Four Fierce Frenchies
  • Royal Readers
  • The Book Lords
  • Reading Reptiles
  • Racing Readers
  • Super Reading BFFs
  • The Barbarians
  • The Book Machines

The four teams with the highest total scores from their two Great Eight battles will represent Charlemagne and progress to the cross-school battles at Lebanon on Monday, 3/17, 9am – 2pm.

These four teams will return to the Charlemagne Final Battles, which will be held during an assembly on Thursday, 3/20, 12:30 – 2:15pm. The team with the highest total score from two Final Battles will be the Charlemagne Battle of the Books Champion.

The Preliminary Score Summary Sheet and full battle schedule, which shows the schedule for Great Eight Battles tomorrow, are below.

The highest scoring four teams from the Great Eight battles will be announced in school tomorrow (Thur) afternoon, posted on the OBOB section of the school website, posted in the library, and emailed to parents.

For more information, see the OBOB section of the website.

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