Dear Charlemagne Families,

Staffing 13-14
We recieved our 13-14 staffing allocation and find ourselves 1.5 teaching positions and 3 hrs of Instructional Assistant time short of  what we need to staff two classrooms per grade level and to maintain French and English literacy support in grades K- 3. Our goal is to have 11 classroom teachers and to maintain our Instructional Assistants at or near the current level. To accomplish this goal we will need a successful Jog a Thon and a successful spring EEF Direct Drive Campaign.

Live/ Silent Auction and Live Direct Drive Campaign a huge success!!
Thanks to our auction organizers, amazing donations and the generosity of those who attended the auction, it looks like we will surpass $30,000 in donations. This brings us closer to our final fundraising goal but we still need a successful Jog a Thon and Direct Drive Campaign to reach our goal.

Jog a Thon & BBQ  – May 10
We will kick off our annual Jog a thon fundraiser with a rousing  Jog a Thon assembly this Friday, Apr. 26. Our goal is to bring our students and the Charlemagne Community together for a fun, healthy and profitable community event.  Our goal this year is $15,000.00. Every little bit helps so we are encouraging every Charlemagne student to participate by collecting at least one pledge to help the cause. Students will bring home their Jog a Thon packets this Friday and will have until May 9 to collect their pledges. Parents interested in helping with the Jog a Thon may contact Hildy Tritch at

Spring Direct Drive Campaign May 6 – May 31
On Monday, May 6th students will bring home a letter inviting families to donate to our Spring Direct Drive Fundraising Campaign. We appreciate the amazing support we have received this year and we are looking forward to ending this years fundraising campaign with a successful Spring Direct Drive Campaign. Our goal for the Spring Direct Drive Campaign is $20,000.

A Weekend to Remember!!

All School Play Date & Garden Work Party – Sat. 10:00- 12:00
Charlemagne Families are invited to join Mr. Devin and Mr. Maloney for a fun, low keyed all school play date and Garden Work Party. Studetns are invited to run, play, laugh and maybe work in the garden a little.

Eugene Marathon French Quarter Cheer Zone – Sunday Apr. 28, 8:30 – 11:00 (Owosso Foot Bridge)
Charlemagne families and friends are encouraged to come together to capture the spirit of the French Quarter and cheer on runners at mile 21 of the Eugene Marathon. Last year runners voted the French Quarter as the “Best Cheer Zone” for the entire Eugene Marathon and we were awarded a $300.00 prize. We want to defend our title as the “Best Cheer Zone” by waving posters, banging drums, clanging cowbells, cheering in French and English and by helping runners from all over the world sail through the infamous “Wall” at mile 21.  We don’t expect folks to cheer for the entire time but we hope to have lot’s of people taking turns cheering from 8:30 -11:00.
Families will receive a  special invite with directions to the Owosso Foot Bridge later this week, but for now save the date!

I hope to see hundreds  of Charlemagne students and family members at Saturday’s All School Play Date/ Garden Party and at Sundays French Quarter Cheer Zone.

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