Bonjour Charlemagne Families,

I hope everybody had a successful first week of school. We felt tons of positive energy and saw lots of smiling faces. We are always looking for ways to improve, so if you have ideas to help us strengthen the back to school experience just drop me a quick e-mail ( with your thoughts/ideas.

Next week promises to be super busy. We have Site Council on Wednesday, Curriculum Night on Thursday and we kick off our first fundraiser of the year, Gift Wrap, on Friday. We are also asking interested students to submit art work for the 12-13 Student Directory. Interested students should see Heather in the office for details.

PTO e-news is coming!!
Your dedicated PTO is looking forward to publishing the weekly Charlemagne PTO e-news again this year. If you received the PTO e-news last year then you are all set to receive this years PTO e-news. If you are new to Charlemagne or you did not receive the PTO e-news last year simply click on the following link to sign up:

easy CBM Testing
This week and a next week, students in grades K-5 are completing easy CBM tests in reading and math. The easy CBM reading and math assessments are given in the fall, winter and spring, Results of the easy CBM assessments help teachers to tailor their reading and math instruction to help meet the individual needs of emerging, at grade level and advanced learners. Parents will receive individual easy CBM results as part of  the end of the year report card. Teacher will also refer to easy CBM scores during Parent/Teacher Conferences.

After school classes
We are in the process of finalizing after school classes held at Charlemagne. As soon as we confirm which after school classes will be offered, we will send out registration and class information via this e-mail distribution list. At this time we are planning to have an Art/Science class on Monday, Math Club for 3rd graders on Tuesday, Strings on Wednesday and Friday, Coyote Kids & Rembrandt Drawing on Thursday and Chess on Friday.

Curriculum Night
We are really looking forward to seeing everybody Thursday evening at Curriculum Night.

6:00 – 6:50                K-2 Curriculum Night                   Classrooms
7:00 – 7:30                All School Parent/PTO meeting Gym
7:40 – 8:30                Grades 3 – 5 Curriculum Night Classrooms

Events: Sept. 10 – 14
easy CBM Testing All Week

Monday                Directory art contest begins


3:15 – 5:00                Site Council Meeting                            Staff Room

6:00 – 6:50                K-2 Curriculum Night                   Classrooms
7:00 – 7:30                All School Parent/PTO meeting Gym
7:40 – 8:30                Grades 3 – 5 Curriculum Night Classrooms

1:00 – 1:20                Gift Wrap Kick Off Assembly                       Gym
2012 – 2013 At a Glance….

Date                            Activity

Sept. 7 – 20                Directory Art Contest

Sept 14 – 28              Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Sept. 18                      PTO Meeting

Sept. 21                      Back to School Picnic

Oct. 10                        Site Council

Oct. 11                        Poinsettia/Wreath Sale

Oct. 11                        Parent French Night

Oct. 16                        PTO Meeting

Oct. 19                        Health Screening & Pictures

Oct. 19                        Movie Night

Nov. 1 – 9                  Book Fair

Nov. 2                         Special Persons lunch

Nov.  8, 9                    Parent/Teacher Conferences

Nov. 14                       Site Council

Nov. 15                       Harvest Luncheon

Nov. 19 – 21              Thanksgiving Fundraiser

Nov. 20                       PTO

Nov. 23 – ?                  Spring Creek Holiday Tree Fundraiser

Nov. 26 – Dec.  7      Winter warmth Drive

Dec.  7                         Poinsettia Delivery

Dec. 7                          Holiday Fair

Dec.  12                      Site Council

Dec. 18                       PTO

Dec.  24 – Jan.  7        Winter Break

Jan. 8                          School Resumes

Jan. 9                          Site Council

Jan. 11- 25                Math Madness

Jan. 25                        Stone Soup

Jan. 15                        PTO

Feb. 4 – 22                 Canned Food Drive

Feb. 13                       Site Council

Feb. 19                       PTO

Feb. 22                       Mardi Gras & Silent Auction

Mar. 4 – 8                   Classified Appreciation

Mar. 13                       Site Council

Mar. 19                       PTO Meeting

Mar. 22 – Apr. 11      EEF Direct Drive

Mar. 25 – Apr. 1        Spring Break

Apr.  2                         Classes Resume

Apr.  5, 6                     Rummage Sale

Apr. 10                       Site Council

Apr. 15 – 19               Volunteer Appreciation

Apr.  16                      PTO Meeting

Apr. 18                       Science Fair

Apr.  26 – May 23     Jog a Thon fundraiser

May 6 – 10                 Teacher Appreciation

May 8                         Site Council

May 10                       Jog a Thon/BBQ

May 13                       Parent/Teacher Mixer

May 21                       PTO Meeting

May 21 – 23              Jog a thon pledges due

May 29 ?                    Site Council

June 4                         PTO meeting

June 5                         5th grade promotion

June 6                         Grading Day

June 10                      Last Day of School, Field Day


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