Dear Charlemagne Families,

Attached you will find the electronic version of the “Back to School” packet. Included is a current staff contact list, school supply list, directory opt out form, daily schedule and a review of important policies and procedures. Please take a few minutes to review these attachments. You will also receive an abridged version of the “Back to School” packet in the mail later this week.  The abridged version will include all of the above attachments except for the Policy and Procedures attachment.

I hope you are enjoying the warm summer days with family and friends. Heather, Kurt and I are busy preparing for the first day of school on Wednesday, September 5th. The office opens on Monday, August 20th. Teachers report on Wednesday, August 29th and we welcome new and returning families at our annual “Back to School Open House and Watermelon Social Tuesday, on September 4th 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. The 2012 -2013 class lists will be posted in the breezeway at 3:00 p.m. and e-mailed to families on Sept. 4th. The Open House is a great way to welcome our new families and to kick off the 2012- 13 school year.

Heather has included all the information you will need for a smooth first day of school in this “Back to School Packet” Please take a few minutes to read the entire packet and don’t hesitate to call or e-mail Heather at 790-3177, if you have questions.  Families will receive an e-mail version of this “Back to School” packet and an abridged paper copy in the mail. The entire “Back to School” packet will also be posted on the Charlemagne web site.

Because of budget cuts, elementary teachers in Eugene School District with less than 5 years of experience were laid off or displaced. However, I am pleased to announce that because of the French-speaking requirement at Charlemagne we were able to keep our entire staff in place. Having a stable work force helps strengthen relationships with our students and families and it is a huge benefit for us as we take on a number of important school improvement projects.

Kindergarten, first, second and third grades will operate much like they did last year. Because of budget cuts we reconfigured our fourth and fifth grade classes into three blended fourth/fifth grade homeroom classes taught by Debbie Diedrich, Jana Kincaid and Carrie Grabowski. French and English language arts, social studies, science, and P.E.  and music will be taught in 4th/5th blended classes. Math will be taught in a straight grade configuration with two fourth grade math classes and one large 5th grade math class. The 5th grade math class will have 38 students and a full time instructional assistant. Jana, Debbie and Carrie will provide more information about the 4th/5th reconfiguration for parents and we are looking forward to describing the 4th/5th reconfiguration in more detail at curriculum night on September 13th. “Necessity is the mother of invention” and we have created an outstanding program for our 4th/5th grade students.

Great schools adjust and change with the times. This year we are pleased to introduce an exciting K- 5 Community Living Plan. The Community Living Plan is based on 5 key interpersonal attributes; Respect, Empathy, Inclusion, Cooperation and Integrity and is designed to help create a safe, caring learning environment at school and to set the foundation for each child to become an inspired “Global Citizen.” We will teach, promote, celebrate and reinforce each of these attributes throughout the school year beginning with our Welcome Back – Respect assembly on Friday, September 7th.

This year, every elementary school will offer 9 weeks of P.E. and Music taught by roving P.E. and Music specialists. Charlemagne will have a full time P.E. specialist and a full time Music specialist beginning on Sept. 5th and continuing through Nov. 6th. During that time students will have approximately 60 minutes of P.E./Music per day. Teachers will continue to teach their own music and P.E. classes after November 6th.

Included in the mailer and on the Charlemagne website is a volunteer sign up form.

Please consider volunteering in your child’s classroom or on any of the school wide community building/fundraising projects.

I am looking forward to a fun, productive school year and can’t wait for the first day of school.


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