Kayaking around Canoe Island

About the 5th grade trip

For years, Charlemagne students culminated their elementary years with a trip to Quebec City.  While this was an amazing experience for all who attended, the cost became prohibitive for many.  Parents began to look for less expensive options closer to home that still provided an authentic French experience.  Canoe Island French camp quickly became the obvious choice.

For the past four years, the 5th grade class has begun the school year by attending a special five day session at Canoe Island French Immersion Camp in the San Juan Islands.  Think Outdoor School, but in FRENCH!  It really is an amazing experience for our kids.  They get to spend the first days of the school year together immersed in French while bonding through shared outdoor experiences.

Dates for the 2018 5th grade trip are 9/11/18 – 9/15/18

Please click here or on the image below for a slideshow of the 2016 trip to Canoe Island.

Canoe Island tepees




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