Co-chairs* – Brooke Parrill and Erin Marie Langsdorf

Secretary* – Brett Gomsrud

Treasurer* – Sabrina Parsons

Assistant Treasurer* – Jill Rodine

Volunteer Coordinator – Debra McIntosh

Library Volunteer Coordinator – Camila Johnston

Website Manager – Noah Parsons

Amity Intern Parent Coordinator Cynthia Stenger Riplinger, Olivia Hardin  and Alice Cho

Site Council Reps Melissa Gomsrud , Kathy Gregory 

Fundraising Committee Chairs:

Read-a-thon (Oct 8th) – Claire Matese

Book Fair (Nov 1)Troy Garcia   and ErinMarie Langsdorf

Poinsettias – ___________

Holiday Trees –_____________________

Holiday Fair (Dec 14) – Troy Garcia

Math Madness (Jan 14) -Marcia Yu

Soiree/Auction -(?) _________________________

Fundraising Coordination/Direct Donation leadMarcia Yu 

Tour du Monde/Jog-a-thon (May 31)Alyssa Wagner  

Community Night Out Fundraisers –  Cynthia Stenger Riplinger  

Escrip/Amazon Smile- Wenlan Hu

Esprit de Corps CoordinatorMara Gregory

Events Committee Chairs:

Mardi Gras (Feb 22)–  _________________

Science Fair(March 14th/15th) -Karen Stapleton and Charis Allenbaugh

Talent Show –Mara Gregory and Wenlan Hu

Field Day (June 13) _____________________________

OBOB-  Natalie Reeves 

Bike/ Walk to School Days: Fall and SpringEllen Currier 

Yearbook- Mme. Elise and Mme. Michelle