Hosting an intern is a unique experience. You get a native speaker in your household and a chance for the whole family to practice their French. You also get an additional family
member! As native French speakers, the interns help create a more immersive culture at our school. They add to the number of adults regularly speaking French to our students, and expose students to a variety of accents.

Hosting is an integral part of  the intern program — please consider joining in!

GOAL: We need 6-8 more families, typically a 3-6 month commitment.

For more information, contact Cynthia, Alice, and Olivia.

Meet the Interns:

Clémence Courrech – Kindergarten with Mme Elise Salmond
Amira Begriche – 2nd Grade with M. Robin Chappell
Isabel Auzal – 3rd Grade with Mme Anou Hampshire and Mme Ariel Boggs
Mathilde Bégu– 4th Grade with Mme Jana Kincaid and Mme Shelli Hopper-Moore
Guillaume Page – 5th Grade with Mme Carrie Grabowski and Mme Adrienne Carlson