This is a fun opportunity for kids to learn about science, the scientific method, and how to prepare and organize a project. 

Topics from previous years include: 

  • Why do people sneeze? 
  • What are raptors? 
  • How does density work? 
  • How does helium make balloons float? 
  • How do Venus Fly Traps eat bugs? 
  • How are clouds formed? 
  • What are acids? 
  • How do oysters make pearls? 
  • What is a shooting star? 

Interested in helping with this fun event? Email charlemagnescience@gmail.com or Karen Stapleton stapletonka@yahoo.com and Charis Allenbaugh charisr@gmail.com

Important links:

These websites can help to provide ideas, direction and structure for your child’s science project:

http://www.sciencebuddies.org/  |  http://pbskids.org/designsquad/

https://www.brainpop.com/science/  |  http://kids.usa.gov/science/

http://kids.usa.gov/science/  |   http://watchknowlearn.org

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