Co-chairs* – Shannon Tom and Chris Miller

Secretary* – Teresa Snyder McFerran

Treasurer* – Sabrina Parsons

Assistant Treasurer* Kathy Lynn

Volunteer Coordinator – Debra McIntosh

Library Volunteer Coordinator- Karol Herbert

Fundraising Committees:

Esprit de Corps Chairs –Mara Gregory , Pauline Wiebe

Event Committees:



Site Council RepsMelissa Gomsrud, Kathy Gregory, Larisa Liles

* PTO Executive Board = The Principal, these * officers, and one Site Council Rep

PTO Class Representatives


1st Grade

2nd Grade

  • M. Chappell–Teresa McFerran
  • Mme Kim – _________________________

3rd Grade

4th Grade

  • Mme Jana- _________________________
  • Mme Shelli- Elisa Weber

5th Grade

  • Mme Grabowski – _________________________
  • Mme Adrienne–Camille Leider