Mardi GrasFriday, Feb. 27, 2015 | 5:30-8 pm

Mardi Gras is a Charlemagne community celebration where you can play carnival games, wear costumes, buy great food, and win great prizes! Come spend time with your family and friends and enjoy the games, get your picture taken in the photo booth, check out the raffle baskets and possibly win a cake! Buy some great LED flair from the Mardi Gras store, have a fancy drink and so much more.

Entrance is free. Tickets are 50 cents each and will be sold at the Mardi Gras store for games and raffle. If you would like assistance with game tickets, please see Mme. V in the cafeteria. We want to see all our Charlemagne families at this event! So save the date and plan to join us for a great evening.

Mardi Gras Store

The Mardi Gras store is your place to buy tickets. Tickets are 50 cents each, and can be used to enter the raffles, play games, or buy food. You can also buy hats, glasses, beads, rings, masks, and great light up products!mask

Prices will range from 50 cents to $6 with most items marked between 50 cents and $3. The store will be open:

  • Feb. 24, 2:40-3:05 p.m.
  • Feb. 25, 2:40-3:05 p.m.
  • Feb. 26, 2:40-3:05 p.m.
  • February 27, 1:30-1:50 p.m., 5:30-7:45 p.m

Mardi Gras Coinsfleur

Mardi Gras coins are called doubloons. This year students will be able to earn Mardi Gras coins from their teachers. Coins can be used for games only. 1 coin equals 1 ticket for Mardi Gras games.

Raffle Baskets, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Raffle and Staffle Raffle

There are 3 components to raffle!jester


We will raffle off a fabulous basket from each class (for a total of 12). Boxes for class donations will be located in each classroom until Wednesday, Feb.25.

Every donation-large or small-is appreciated! If you have a larger idea, you can always go in on an item with a few families. The class basket raffle is open to anyone who attends Mardi Gras.

Many of the baskets, such as the Chocolate, Garden and Art baskets are strong school traditions. Coffee, Tea and Sweets and Outdoor Activities are becoming contenders as well.

Each class will receive an individual idea list if you need help thinking of something for your theme. Feel free to do your own thing. If you want to contribute but don’t have time to shop, leave an envelope with money in the office labeled what class basket it is for, and we will shop for you.

The class raffle baskets will be on display during Mardi Gras, and the winning ticket pulled at the end of the evening.


There will be a box in the office behind Bernadette’s desk labeled Teacher Appreciation Raffle. This is the place to drop off donations showing your love for our wonderful staff! Items such as wine, gift cards, candles, chocolate, etc. are great! The raffle staff will make up special baskets specifically for the teachers to win. Put a smile on your favorite teachers face and give today.


Teachers raffle off their time with a student(s). Having pizza, going skating, taking a hike. A student favorite!

Class Raffle Baskets and Themes

Kinder Red: Stuffed Animal Mania!

Some ideas: Beanie babies, pillow pets, minecraft or pokemon stuffed figures, snuggly with an animal hood, key chains with stuffed animal on it, books about teddy bears, etc. Or do your own thing! If it’s stuffed, it’s good!

Kinder Blue: Arts and Crafts!

Some ideas: Beading kits, femo, Paints, art pads, model magic, stencils, any kind of craft kits, bendaroos, gift cards to the Potters Quarter or Peace, Love and Pottery, or the Glass Fuser, sidewalk chalk, colored pencils, etc!!

First Grade Noble/Roadman/Wolf: Gardening!

This theme has always been one of our most popular! There will be a total of 2 baskets. Ideas are: Tools, Gloves, seeds, bulbs, gardening gloves, Gardening books, Gift cards to local garden shops: gray’s, down to earth Bird feeders and seeds, Gift card to Wild Bird Store on Willamette street Flower cookies or cookie cutters, Garden Art

Second Grade Chapell: Arts and Crafts!

Some ideas are: Paints, pens, pencils, Stencils, art pads Origami kits, modeling kits, clay, bendaroos, Picture books of famous art, or how-to books, Gift certificates to local hobby stores: The Glass Fuser, Michaels, Harlequin beads, Peace, Love and Pottery, the Potters Quarter, Or  whatever your kids like to do!

Second Grade Pash-Bell: Outdoor Fun!!

Some ideas are: Skateboard, scooter, football, Croquet set, Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water bottles, camping equipment, Pool toys, water squirters, frisbees, basketballs, gift certificates to miniature golf, local pools, lawn toys, bicycle items, or whatever your kids like to do!

Third Grade King: Coffee, Tea and Sweets!

Some ideas are: Coffee, Tea, Fancy candies, cookies Coffee/Tea travel mug, gift cards to local coffee shops and Townsend Tea downtown or drive through coffee kiosk, Tea towel, Tea kettle, coffee french press, Jams, jellies, napkins with a coffee/tea theme Mix for sweets or whatever you like!

Third Grade Michele: Chocolate!!

Some ideas are: Chocolate: white, milk, dark Chocolate scented lotions, bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs Hot and cold drink mixes, Napkins, dessert plates with chocolate theme Candy making cookbook, any mixes with chocolate as an ingredient Make your own chocolate kits- many at Michael’s crafts Chocolate candy bars, or whatever your kids like!

Fourth Grade Shelli: Family Game Night!

Some ideas are: Board games, card games, lego games, video games Tickets to a local bowling alley, minigolf, Putters lazer tag, Gift certificate to

Pixel Nation at Valley River Center, Popcorn and candy snacks, Gift certificate to Eugene Toy and Hobby or whatever your family likes to play!

Fourth Grade Jana: Pamper Me!

Some ideas are: Chocolates, fancy treats, manicure/pedicure kits Shower gels, loofas, soaps, lotions, sachets, gift card to local spa socks, snuggly, soft throw blanket, lavender heating pads, bubble bath, washcloths, bath beads, Gift card to Uncommon Scents whatever your go to is to feel special!

Fifth Grade Grabowski: I Love Science!!

Some ideas are: Books about science, physiology, geology, experiments in the kitchen, science kits, crystal growing kits, chemistry kits, solar system models- Michaels Craft store has tons of kits!! Books can easily be found at Tsunami on Willamette St or Barnes and Noble. See Mme. Grabowski’s blog/email for additional great ideas!

Fifth Grade Carlson: Reading and Writing!

Some ideas are: Your favorite books in English or French! Journals, pens, pencil sets, Gift cards to local book stores, Blank paper pads, notebooks, Amazon Gift Cards, magazines, whatever you love to read about and write with!

Mardi Gras Cafe



Chapala Burrito – meat or vegetarian options $6

Papa Johns Pizza – Cheese or Pepperoni $2.50/slice


Popcorn 50 cents

Cotton Candy $1


Assorted baked goods, treats and NEW chocolate fountain! from 50 cents to $3


Fancy Drinks $2

Assorted sodas and juice $1

Water $1

Games and Events

Students, siblings and friends will enjoy many games throughout the Mardi Gras evening! Games range between 1-4 tickets. If you need assistance with tickets for Mardi Gras, please contact Mme. V in the cafeteria. We want to see all our Charlemagne families at this event having fun!

face painting















fleurVolunteers are needed

IMPORTANT! Volunteers are needed! Set up and clean up help needed, as well as cake bakers for the cake walk, and a few shifts after school in the store. Sign up sheets in the office, and you can also contact Erika Noteboom at

Mardi Gras Committee Members

Chair: Stephanie Hand

Chair shadow: Ashley Talbott-Kautzman

Co-Chair, Store: Erika Noteboom

Co-Chair, Games: JoAnn Hoffman

Co-Chair, Raffle: Mindy Steury

Many heart-felt thanks go out to our incredible team of Co-Chairs for this year’s annual Mardi Gras event. Without their collaborative efforts, time and energy, this event could not take place. Please reach out to them with any questions or offers of assistance.

Here’s everything you need to know about Mardi Gras this year: Fox Tales Mardi Gras Edition, 2015

Stephanie Hand
Mardi Gras Chair