Grades: 1-5

Dates: January 6 – March 10 (10 Tuesdays)

Time: 2:45PM – 4:15PM

Location: Room #7

Instructor: Steve Nastasiuk

Cost $195.00

Do you love math? Or just want to know more about it? Join our Math Club!

New students — never fear! You will join right in with returning club members and find a great variety of math activities including challenges with MacMahon Cubes, 3-Color Squares and 4-Color Triangles (Combinatorics, Problem Solving) and alternative multiplication using Napier’s Bones. You will perform Euclidean constructions of an equilateral triangle, an inscribed regular hexagon and square and more. We will explore the Fibonacci Sequence and you get to create your own puzzling sequences.

Make up math problems while trying to stump the teacher. You can even get help with your math homework if you want! The activities are set up in stations so you can choose the ones you want to explore. This class will be fun for both the serious mathematicians and for those who never imagined math could be so fun!

Returning students will progress with more in-depth exploration of topics including advanced constructions and analysis of combinatoric problem strategies as well as new puzzles and Euclidean constructions with compasses.

Bring a nut-free snack to each class, please!  Invite your friends and spread the word. We need at least 8 students to make this class go!

Class size: Maximum 16, Minimum 8

Registration opens soon!

Other after school classes and workshops are available at other locations. Visit the UO YETAG website for more information.