Are you thinking about piano lessons for your children?

Genevieve Mason is a French native speaker who came to study piano at University of Oregon in 1992. She graduated with a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance and Theory in 2001. Since then Genevieve has been performing, accompanying, and teaching. She is the vice-president of the OMTA  (Oregon Music Teacher Association) Eugene Chapter.

Genevieve is teaching/has taught many students from Charlemagne, a school she knows well as her son Nathaniel has been in the French Immersion program since kindergarten.  Most of  her students are participating in Syllabus and other OMTA activities.

Conveniently, her piano studio is located a few blocks away from the Charlemagne school.

Genevieve has some openings this year, and you can call her if you are interested. References are available on demand.

Genevieve Mason
4815 Center Way, Eugene OR 97405
541 485 6263