My name is Mathilde, I am twenty-three and I come from a small town near Bordeaux in the southwest of France. I live with my parents, and I have two older sisters. One of them has children, so I am a happy aunt of two cute little kids!

I graduated from the university in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I spent the last year of school abroad, at the university of Bergen, in Norway. This first experience abroad was significant for me and made me want to travel the world. After my undergraduate school, I decided to take a break in my studies and to go to the United States to work as an aupair. I was placed in an American family in New Jersey, and I took care of two little girls for two years.

When I came back to France in July 2016, I had decided not to pursue my studies in psychology. I wanted to become a French teacher abroad. These two years in the US convinced me that I was not ready to settle in France right away and that I had to explore the world a little more.

Thus, I am a student at the French Institute of Paris, doing a distance program in order to become a French teacher. The exam will take place in December 2017 and I will be
able to take it in the U.S.

I chose to specialize my lessons in teaching French to children, because I have a lot of
experience working with kids. Before coming to Charlemagne, I was doing pre-school and after-school care in a kindergarten, and I loved it! My role was to organize various activities and to prepare the “end of the year” school big party, which includes a show. I loved involving the children in extra school activities and it’s part of the reason why I am excited to work at Charlemagne Elementary School. During my time in New Jersey, I discovered the American school system, which is very different from the French school system. I really like the fact that children are involved in different activities or events that take place at school, and I cannot wait to be a part of it.

After getting my degree and once I will return to France next year, I will start looking for
another internship or a job either in France or somewhere abroad, in order to explore more
school systems and to discover more cultures.

As for my personality, I am a sociable and outgoing person. I love meeting new people! I
can also be a little shy, but it doesn’t last! I love to travel, to discover new cities, new traditions. I also love to share my French culture and I believe that, as a language teacher, spreading the culture is as important as teaching the language.

I do not practice a particular sport but I like going to the gym to decompress a few times
a week. When I lived in Norway, I often went hiking and I cannot wait to discover Oregon’s
famous and beautiful nature.

Even though I am not a master chef, I am interested in cooking and I like to try new
recipes to challenge myself. I pay attention to what I eat because I believe that it is necessary to eat well in order to feel well. Eating is an important part of my culture, but I love to discover new cuisines from around the world. I am not vegan but I do not eat too much meat, and I tend to have a plant-based diet, for my own health, and for the environment.

I really like listening to music and going to concerts. When I was younger, I played the
accordion and the guitar. The cinema fascinates me. I love going to the movies or watching
movies or shows at home.

It is important for me to be fully involved in my work. I am always very invested in the
different tasks I have to accomplish. I tend to adapt my work to the children because every child is different. I like to think that children also have a lot to teach us and I believe that respect and cooperation are important values to develop at school. I always take the children’s wishes and desires in consideration in order to create activities or games that motivate them. I also like to develop their autonomy, even at a very young age.

Learning a new language is fun! I cannot wait to be a part of the team at Charlemagne.

I am looking forward to meet you all and to start this chapter of my life in Oregon,