Clemence-editedMy name is Clémence Courrech, I am 23. I was born in the western suburbs of Paris, in a town called Poissy. I grew up in this area even though I now live in Cergy, where my university is.

Pascal, my father, is an air traffic controller at Paris Charles the Gaulle airport. He has been doing this job for about 30 years and will retire next year. My mom is Valérie; she owns a little supermarket situated about 15 minutes away driving from where my parents live. I am an only child.

I study English and education at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (15 miles away from Paris). I just finished my first year of my Masters degree there. I would like to teach English in France, in middle school or high school. I would also be interested in teaching French abroad.

Regarding my previous job experience, I took several internships this year in a middle school and a high school, with an English teacher. I got the opportunity to teach the kids some lessons. Furthermore, I’ve already taken part in the Amity Intern Program at Charlemagne last year. I worked in 5th grade with Madame Grabowski and Madame Carlson. It was one of the best years in my life. I loved my job at Charlemagne, working with children and sharing my culture with them. I also really enjoyed the state of Oregon and its outdoor activities. That is the reason why I decided to join this program again. Concerning other job experience, I work every weekend at my mom’s shop and I used to work at a bakery at the beginning of the school year.

After this one-year internship, I would like to finish my master degree in France and to become an English teacher there.

During my spare time, I enjoy riding horses. My mom and I have been riding horses for more than 10 years now. We have a horse. His name is Fakir and he’s been in the family for 18 years. I also like going to the movies, running, hiking. I really like sports and outdoor activities in general.

I am really excited to be back at Charlemagne this year and to share some of the French culture with the kids and their parents as well!