My name is Amira BEGRICHE and my friends also call me Ami. I am 23 years old and I was born and raised in the middle east of France. When I was young my parents moved to Besançon a city located close to the border of Switzerland. I studied at the Elementary school near my house called ‘Ecole Jean-Zay’ and later I went in private schools and studied Sciences at OGEC Saint Joseph – Saint Paul. We are a big family composed of 6 children (yes that is quite a number). Both my parents were born in Algeria. My father is a businessman who used to work between France and Algeria. Now he has retired in France, but he still runs many shops in the textile industry in Algeria. My Mother owns a textile shop in Besançon. Since I was 6 years old I have helped my mom and dad at the shop managing the family business.
After passing my high school diploma I studied for a bachelor’s degree in the field of English and Spanish foreign languages with a specialization in international business at the University of Franche-Comté. My University is called in French « Université de Franche-Comté » it is located in the city center of Besançon and it is quite a big University. During the last year of my bachelor’s degree, I had the chance to do an exchange program at the University of Vic in Barcelona (in Catalunya/Spain) to study international business administration. I really enjoyed discovering a new culture and a new country, and it was for me a really rewarding experience. Since I studied English and Spanish for my undergraduate degree I had to decide between both languages for my master’s degree specialization. I have chosen to take English as my major since it is a language that is used internationally and also because I really like to interact with people from all over the globe.

This next upcoming year, in addition to my teaching assistant program at Charlemagne, I enrolled for an online master’s degree specialized in American Civilization at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. I will have to do what we call in France « un mémoire » which is a big dissertation that I will be presenting in Paris. I took American Civilization as my major since I am really interested in the American culture and because I would like to teach English in the future. The opportunity to teach as an intern in Charlemagne Elementary School is a unique chance to share my culture and knowledge with American kids. I would like to help young kids progress in French and learn about the American culture and academic system which I believe is very different from ours.

Parallel to my studies last year, I was working in a high school – Lycée Louis Pergaud – as what we call « une assistante d’éducation ». My role was to ensure a safe environment for the students and to look after everyone in the cafeteria of the high-school. I really enjoyed this position because I could interact with many people and help them with their homework in English. The job I applied for was considered as a civic service mission in France we call it « mission de service civique ». It is a job status implemented by our government to help the economy of the Country and the position would always be compensated by the Board of Education in France called « le Rectorat ».

In the future I would like to teach English Business at a university. The first reason I would like to become an English Business Lecturer is that I find really interesting both English language and international business. I wish to do something that serves a purpose and has a big impact in some way. It will give me the opportunity to develop my skills, influence me to learn new things, enable me to share my knowledge, and possibly create a good revenue. I would say that if someone aims to become a good teacher he will have firstly to invest in himself.
In my free time I really like to travel and learn about foreign cultures in general. I am really interested by Asian culture. I have studied Mandarin during 8 years now and I am still learning it. I would say that Chinese language skills give me a certain competitive advantage in the workplace. And since I have had the chance to travel a lot, I believe that it may be easier for me to face culture shock and language communication barriers. Language requirements have become more demanding so I would highly recommend to start improving language skills and knowledge of the culture from the beginning of school-base learning.