Policies and Procedures Handbook 2013-14

School-Parent Communication

The best sources of information are the school calendar, (http://schools.4j.lane.edu/foxhollow/PTO) and office weekly emails, weekly/monthly teacher newsletters, and the reader board in the driveway. Please contact your child’s teachers immediately if you have any questions or concerns about classroom events or specific curriculum.

IMPORTANT! If you do not have web access, please let Heather know (perry_h@4j.lane.edu) and she will add you to the paper mailing list.

Please keep student information updated and current. In case of an emergency, this is what we use to contact a responsible/authorized adult to care for your child. Please add email addresses and cell phone numbers. **If you have had a change of address, proof of residency (2 official documents) will be required before the change is made.

The school office will send a weekly bulletin, with details of the week’s events, to parents via email. Charlemagne PTO will send out a weekly posting with school wide events and other pertinent school information.


Supply Lists and Fees

Parents are asked to NOT purchase supplies for school. Instead, staff will order most supplies needed in the classroom such as pencils, tissues, folders and art materials. Families are asked to give $50 per child to cover ALL expenses for the year. Families who cannot afford this amount are asked to see Heather. Please make your checks payable to Charlemagne by SEP 30, 2013 and send to your child’s teacher or the office.  Indicate your child’s name on the memo line of your check.


Class Lists

Class dynamics affect the success of any school year, thus are extreemely critical.  The teaching staff diligently makes the best possible placements for each student and for each class. Changes during the school year happen rarely and only when it is determined by staff, parents and the student to be in the best interest of a child. The final decision rests with the principal. Class lists have been sent via email, and will be posted at Open House on September 9.



Students on time for school experience greater academic and social success and increased sense of connectedness to our community. Those who arrive late may be embarrassed by their tardiness;  They may be confused because they missed early morning directions.  These feelings generally linger for quite a while, occupying the student’s thoughts as instruction proceeds.  It is impossible for a student to fully focus on instruction when they are concerned about what they have missed.

Please have your child exit your vehicle in the driveway no later than 8:10 in order to be seated at 8:15 and ready to begin the day.  If you arrive at 8:00, you will miss the morning traffic, as well as give your child sufficient time to walk to class, hang up jackets and backpacks, get out needed morning supplies and be seated at 8:15.


Absences/Scheduled Late Arrivals/Early Departures

When your student is absent, please leave a message on the answering machine or call the office by 9:00. State student’s name, grade, homeroom class and reason for the absence.  If your child has a scheduled doctor/dentist appointment, please send a note to let us know in advance  they will be late or leaving early. You must sign your child in/out in the office, when picking them up early and dropping them off during the day.


School Hours/Supervision

The school office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each school day*. Messages may be left on the message machine during hours when the office is closed.  The office may have different hours on non-pupil days;  please call for office hours on those days.

*School provided supervision is available only between the hours of 8:10 and 3:00.  Please have your child dropped off and picked up promptly.  Childcare may be available during some official school events; check with event organizers for information on each event.


Bus Transportation Information

Beyond the classroom experiences can enhance school programs as well as provide opportunities not available in the classroom.  A school may transport students on a field trip or to a district authorized activity using (1) a district school bus, (2) a chartered school bus, (3) a school activity vehicle or (4) a chartered motor coach which has been approved by the Oregon Department of Education as a School Pupil Activity Bus.


Transportation and Parking

The green painted curb in the driveway is a No Parking  zone designed for quick pick-up and drop-off of students.  The Van Parking area, only for students enrolled in before/after school programs, is on the east end of the driveway and clearly labeled with diagonal lines.   The drive-through is on the left of the driveway; parking for those parents walking onto the school grounds is on Mahalo since the parking lot has limited space available for staff and daily volunteers  Remember to…..

  • remain in your vehicle during morning and afternoon pick-up and drop-off times (staff to assist children in and out of vehicles, if needed),
  • allow children to exit vehicles on the curb side only,
  • drive slowly in the neighborhood approaching the school and in the driveway,
  • display your child(ren)’s name(s) and grade(s) in your car window for afternoon pick-up (large letters, please),
  • remind your child(ren) to watch quietly for your vehicle in the afternoon.
  • if walking, use the sidewalks and watch for moving vehicles.


Getting Involved/Volunteering

The high level of academic and social success at Charlemagne is due to many factors, one of which is the number of volunteer hours contributed by parents.  We recommend 10 hours per year, if possible. Parents can get involved at Charlemagne in a number of ways, including volunteering in the classroom, lunchroom, the library, the office, or the playground on a regular basis. Special opportunities may be field trips, fundraising events and classroom presentations. Some teachers have classroom work that can be done at home.  Additional opportunities exist through service on our Site Council and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Please fill out and return a Parent Volunteer Form/Background check every three years.


Criminal Background Check/Volunteer Emergency Information

If you plan to volunteer at school this year and you have not filled out this form,, please return the Criminal Background Check. Available in the school office or at 4j.lane.edu a cleared criminal background check is required for anyone who will have close contact with students. Please note that this includes field trips.


Food Allergies

Some students are extremely sensitive (or have life threatening allergies) to nuts and products containing nuts or nut oils.  All classrooms are “nut free” classrooms. We do not serve nuts or other nut products in the lunchroom. A “nut free” table is provided for students with nut allergies in the cafeteria. Please, talk to your child about not sharing food at school and washing their hands before and after eating.



If your child requires medication while at school, pllease complete the “Authorization for Medication Administration by School Personnel” form.  The medication must be in the original prescription bottle or container, clearly labeled with the name of the student, drug dosage, name of the prescribing physician, and the time when the medication is to be taken.

Oregon Law requires that we treat non-prescription drugs the same as prescription drugs. Parents will need to provide written permission for their child to receive non-prescription medication.  Note that any product containing aspirin requires a physician’s order.

Students may carry an inhaler or other emergency prescription medication with the written consent of the parent and the school administrator.  Students may also carry and self-administer one day’s dose of non-prescription.  medication with the written consent of the parent.  Please contact the office if your child has a chronic health problem that requires special care, or if you have questions.


Food Service Program

Sodexho provides a nutritious lunch for Charlemagne students with five entrée choices and a salad bar daily.  Prices are below:

Hot Lunch         $2.75         Milk         0.50

Applications for free/reduced price lunch are available in the cafeteria and in the office and on the 4J website: http://www.4j.lane.edu/nutrition/freelunch

Reduced Price          Lunch         $0.40

Dealing with cash in the lunch line slows down the delivery of food, leaving less time for students to eat.  It is preferable to make payments into your child’s account online at www.mymealtime.com or to make a payment at the office or in the cafeteria first thing in the morning.

At this time, we do not serve breakfast.



Before and after school child care is available on site through the YMCA.  This is a fun program with great staff and amazing daily activities.  In addition, students go on field trips and swim monthly in a safe and secure environment.  The program is state certified.  Applications will be available at Open House.  Contact Holly Kriz-Anderson at  686-9622 for additional information or go to eugeneymca.org.


Student Personal Belongings

Please take a few minutes to label all personal items brought to school.  Each year we amass quite a collection in our lost and found, located in the cafeteria.  We make every effort to return misplaced, labeled items to students once each quarter; remaining items are displayed for collection. You may check for missing items at any time. Unclaimed items will be donated to local agencies.


School Information Available for Non-Custodial Parents

Charlemagne School is able to provide all co-custodial or non-custodial parents a duplicate copy of all district labeled mailings.  Please inform the office if you would like the name of a co-custodial or non-custodial parent added to the student’s enrollment information.

Birthday Celebrations

Charlemagne’s Site Council adopted this policy effective September 2005. This policy was designed to eliminate the 52 possible treats given out each year in addition to those given out at class parties and special events.  We appreciate your respect of this policy.

Although we appreciate the desire to recognize student birthdays, food items, including candy, are not allowed at school to celebrate these special days.  Individual teachers will determine how birthday celebrations will be handled in each grade level or class and notify parents early in each school year.

Copies of the 4J School District Wellness Policy with additional food guidelines are available online at http://www.4j.lane.edu/nutrition/overview/ and at the front desk.


Getting Concerns Addressed

The Charlemagne staff is here to meet the needs of students and families, provide information, and work collaboratively to solve problems that may arise.  Please contact us when you have a question pertaining to your child or to school procedures.

A general guideline:  Any time you have a question or concern about classroom instruction, curriculum, activities or discipline, please contact your child’s teachers directly.  If you have a question regarding the school program, policies or events. call the school secretary, principal, or a Site Council representative.

Concerns should be first brought to the teacher(s) who are happy to address your concerns, answer your questions, and help resolve conflicts.

If you feel your concerns are not adequately addressed after contacting your teacher, please see the principal who has access to other available resources such as  the school psychologist and educational specialists.

Welcome to the exciting world of Charlemagne! Bienvenue!