Principal’s Corner

Dear parents,

Fall weather is now here. Please be sure to dress your child accordingly for varied weather. This past week we saw sun and rain in the same day, and we will continue to have outside recess unless it is pouring.

We still need volunteers for recess. Call 541-790-3177 and speak to Kathy or Rose to sign up!

Car Pool Reminder: We still have parents exiting their cars in the car pool lane during drop off and pick up. If you need to exit your car for any reason, you must park down at the street or in the parking lot. Thank you for no longer parking in front of the mailboxes or the fire hydrant yellow zone – our neighbors have been appreciative.

I would like feedback on how the Curriculum night was structured, and the quality of information you received. Please email me your thoughts, concerns and ideas.

Eric Anderson
Charlemagne at Fox Hollow Elementary School

Thanks for attending Curriculum Night


Dear Families,

It was great to see everyone at Curriculum Night and hope you found it to be informational as we did and looking forward to an exciting school year at Charlemagne!

If you did not get a chance to sign up to volunteer for one of our many activities at school this year, there will be a Volunteer’s Board posted in the office that you can stop by and check out and see if there is an event or activity that you can sign up to help out with. We really appreciate everyone’s time no matter how big or small that you are able to give.

Below is information about the first event – our annual Book Fair – you can get involved in if you have the time.

Don’t forget that National Walk/Bike/Carpool/Bus to School Day is coming on October 8, 2014. Please contact Char Heitman at, or 541-514-5111 if you have any questions.

Starting this week is Meet the Masters Paul Cezanne. This is a wonderful program that was purchased by the PTO that will teach our students about French Artist Paul Cezanne and his background and then make their own still-files out of tissue paper.

Also below, check out a great after-school program for Art and Science through Tree Top Academics.

We hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Melissa Gomsrud and Gina Thompson
PTO Co-Chairs

Book Fair, Oct. 24-31

This year’s Book Fair is coming soon. The theme is Sir Readalot’s Castle-Enter the Kingdom of Books! Come help us transform the gym into a magical place.

Book Fair kicks off Fri. 10/24 with our Grand Lunch. Students can sign up in coming weeks & bring a grandparent, special friend or neighbor to have lunch with them & shop the fair.

On Sat. 10/25 we will have the special Saturday Sale with Clifford. Kids can have Clifford stamp his paw print on a book or paper while parents enjoy refreshments from 10am-1pm.

We will have a great selection of both English and French books. All of the money we earn goes towards putting new books in our library.

*If you are interested in helping plan the fair and possibly helping Natalie take over next year (when Macy is off to RMS) please contact JoAnn Hoffman. It is really fun to see the kids get so excited over all the new books!

The fair will be open after school, during the weekend and during parent-teacher conferences.

Open After School:

  • Friday, Oct. 24th from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. — Grand Lunch
  • Monday, Oct. 27th from 2 – 4 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 28th from 2 – 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 29th from 2-4 p.m.

Open During the Weekend:

  • Saturday, Oct. 25th from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.Saturday Sale w/ Clifford!

Open During Conferences:

  • Thursday, Oct. 30th from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 31st from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

It takes 71 volunteers spots to make Book Fair the fun & successful event it is. Please sign up for as many as you are able on the office board, by emailing me, or preferably on the easy link below. Thanks so much.

Sign up to volunteer for Book Fair:

JoAnn Hoffman & Natalie Reeves

Ever wonder what Sile Council is about?

Site council is one of three stake holder groups that govern Charlemagne’s operation.

The Charlemagne Site Council is the stake holder group that governs many aspects of what drives decision-making as it impacts fundraising, staffing, and instruction. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all members of the Charlemagne community.

Parent representatives:

Shannon Tom

Bob Chandler

Lisa Ghandour

After School Clubs – Art and Science

Treetop Academics after-school program is offering Art starting Friday Oct. 3 and Science starting Monday Oct. 6.

Science: Astronomy!
Mondays 2:45-4pm
October 6 – December 15

This is our second year providing an after-school Science program to Charlemagne students. This coming term, we will offer a 10-week program studying the world of Astronomy and Astrophysics!

In class students will learn about the Solar System, Galaxies, Universes, the History of the Telescope, the difference between Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors, NASA rocket missions/ISS, plus explore the world of Gravity, Optics, Space-Time, Black holes, White holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. We will learn about Stars and constellations, our Cosmic Address and how all of these events fit within the Cosmic Calendar.

Our Science classes are project-based, hands on, and student-centered with opportunities for students to explore, theorize, and apply the principles using the scientific method.

We believe in offering science classes for elementary students that are academically challenging, entirely thought provoking, unique, and fun!

Fridays 1:30-2:45pm
October 3 – December 19

This is the first year Treetop Academics has offered an Art class at Charlemagne after years of having Art at Edison Elementary. We have an excellent, well-rounded year planned for Charlemagne 1st-5th grade students. This is not going to be your typical Art class.

In the Treetop Academics Art class, students will create their own art projects, study the artwork of others, and be encouraged to share their ideas about Art. Weekly Art projects involve a wide array of mediums and subject matter. Projects will be both ‘outside the box,’ and ‘conventional’ in their approach and result, with a focus primarily on creativity more than ability.

Students will learn about Art and artists from other time-periods/cultures, including modern and contemporary, with some weekly lessons drawn from their work. No experience is necessary as this is a class to develop a love for art and expand the student experience while having fun, creating Art and exploration!

More information about these programs can be found at the Treetop Academics website. You can register online, download the complete flier, and further review their organization and
opportunities. These classes start soon!

For more information about all the after school classes and clubs at Charlemagne, check out the schedule and details on our website!