Turn in Gift Wrap Fundraiser by Friday

Dear Families,
Bienvenue de France Mme. Morley! Please join us in welcoming Mme. Morley back from her visit to France. We look forward to Mme. Morley sharing her experiences with the Charlemagne community. And, thank you to M. Larry Soberman for Mme. Merrill Watrous for holding down the fort while Mme. Morley was away.
Are you new to Charlemagne? If so, please join our New Family Tea, which will be held tomorrow morning at 8:30 (Oct. 1) in the library. This is a great opportunity to meet other Charlemagne parents and gather information about the school and community.
Please mark your calendars for Parent’s French Night, which will be held on the evening of October 10. This is a free, one-night introduction to French language. More details are included below. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
Don’t forget that our annual Innisbrook Gift Wrap sale is underway. This is one of our major fundraisers each year, so please be sure and help your child participate. Our goal is to raise more than $10,000 this year! Please keep in mind that direct donations will be accepted and will count toward the class participation competition. All forms DUE this Friday!!!
All students will attend a special assembly on allergy awareness this Tuesday, October 1 by food allergy educator and musician, Kyle Dine. Please see more information below about this fun event. Parents are welcome to attend.
Finally, we have more Canoe Island stories to share with you this week! Please see our special Canoe Island section below. Thank you to all who have shared their great stories! We hope this trip becomes a longstanding Charlemagne tradition.
Activities to look forward to this week are:
New Family Tea: 8:30 (library)
Allergy Awareness Assembly:
10:15: 3rd-5th (gym)
11:05: K-2nd (gym)
Green School Meeting: 2:00
Innisbrook Fundraiser Forms DUE!
Have a great week!
Melissa Gomsrud and Angie Davis
PTO Co-Chairs

Allergy Awareness Assembly: You Must Be Nuts!

Food allergies are a growing public concern and a condition that affects many of our students at Charlemagne.
You Must be Nuts!” is a lively musical presentation that will help educate all of our students about allergies & anaphylaxis.
On Tuesday, October 1st, Kyle Dine, a food allergy educator and musician will be at Charlemagne to help our students understand what severe food allergies are and what they can do to help allergic classmates stay safe. He performs fun and interactive songs about food allergies and will be joined by his hilarious “EpiMan” and “EpiMan Jr.” puppets!
He covers a range of helpful information from the most common food allergens, symptoms of a reaction, what an EpiPen is and what to do in an emergency. He also reminds us how important hand washing is and that we should never share food at school.
We appreciate Kyle Dine coming to our school to help us learn more about food allergies and how we can all help maintain an allergy safe school.
Kyle has produced two CDs: “You Must Be Nuts!” and “Food Allergies Rock!”” which will be available for $10.00 each after the show.
If you would like to learn more about food allergies, please visit www.foodallergy.org — To listen to Kyle Dine’s music online and learn more about his school programs, please visit www.kyledine.com

Come and join Gang Green – Tuesday, October 1st at 2pm

Not the New York Jets, not the band, not the disease…
Did you know Charlemagne has an amazing school garden? Last spring we grew enough salad greens to serve salad during lunch to all the kids for seven weeks. Volunteers strolled through field day handing out fresh shell peas and radishes. This year cucumbers and potatoes from the garden have been already served through the hot lunch program.
Charlemagne is also one of a handful of elementary schools in Eugene that has reached the second tier of recognition as an Oregon Green School.  We were able to do this by establishing and maintaining a successful cafeteria composting program. In a single school year we compost approximately 2400 pounds of food waste that would otherwise have gone directly into the garbage.  There is a third level of recognition that requires a more in depth “green” program. With your help we could become one of the few elementary school in the entire state to reach level three!
All of this requires a phenomenal amount of volunteer hours. Two parents have been leading these efforts for the past few years, but their children are getting older. We really need the help of parents newer to Charlemagne to keep the garden growing and the Green School agenda moving forward.
If you are interested, please come to our meeting on October 1st at 2pm. Can’t make the meeting and still want to help. Please contact Tabatha  (tabandrews@gmail.com) or Erika (erikamarkmcfarlane@gmail.com).

National Walk/Bike/Carpool/Bus to School Day –October 9

Please click here for more information and suggestions on how the Charlemagne community can participate the week of October 7-11. Please contact Char Heitman at heitman@uoregon.edu, or 541-514-5111 if you have any questions.

Parent French Night: Thur Oct 10

A free, one-night French language intro for parents.
Thursday, October 10
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Charlemagne Library
A great way to start the school year!  This free, one-night program is designed for parents who aren’t able to take a full French course but still want a flavor of the French language. Charlemagne parent and French teacher Greg Hopper-Moore will teach some basic words and phrases.
Parents will have the chance to listen to and speak some French in a friendly, interactive environment.  Whether you are a new or returning parent, whether French is totally new to you or you just need a refresher, come join us for a fun evening.
Refreshments will be served.
FREE childcare available.  Please RSVP to amychinitz@msn.com to reserve child care.

Gift Wrap Fundraiser: DUE FRIDAY

Information packets regarding our Innisbrook Gift Wrap Fundraiser were sent home with your child last Friday.
Last year we netted $10,000 toward our school’s staffing needs, and with your help I’m confident we can surpass last year’s figure. 
Thanks in advance for your support with this fundraiser. If you have any questions please contact Cindy Gupta at 541-335-1051 or cindygupta@hotmail.com.

Canoe Island 5th Grade Trip: Stories and Memories

Below are more first-hand accounts of Canoe Island experiences by our 5th graders and parent chaperones. Thank you to all who shared stories with us.
If you missed the slideshow at Curriculum Night, you can view it by clicking here. 
Quotes and Stories From the Trip
“On the first night, we got to have campfires and make s’mores on the beach. We also played a game called ‘pain.’ (The French word for bread, not the English word pain.) You have to have at least four people to play, but it’s a lot more fun with more people. You sit in a circle and the person who starts points to someone else and says ‘pain!’ The person who was pointed at has to duck and the people on either side of the person who ducks have to point at each other and shout ‘pain!’ The first person to point wins and the other person is out. The person who ducks is the next person to ‘pain’ someone. You always have to be ready to duck or ‘pain’ somebody, so it’s really fun because you’re always excited about the next part.
In the mornings, we got into a big semicircle around the flag pole and counted off in French to be sure everyone was there. One morning after we counted off, we split into two groups and one group went kayaking and the other group explored the beach. On the beach, we had a sheet with all different things we could look for.  It was really fun exploring the beach because we got to see a bunch of ochre stars and sun stars. I poked some of the sea anemones and some of them tried to suck me in! I also liked finding smooth rocks. I put them in my pockets and when my hands got cold, the rocks were smooth and warm and they warmed my hands up.” –Lyra Flinn, 5th grader
“Canoe Island was truly amazing.  It was so fun to be at camp with all my classmates and be able to do all these fun activities with them.  My favorite part was well, pretty much everything!  The fencing, camp fires, kayaking and bioluminescence.  It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.” –Oscar Roering, 5th grader
“My favorite part of the whole trip though was the surprise theatrical performances on the last evening. First the activity groups put on plays they had written during the day– en francais. Our group put on a spooky ghost story about a camper who was taken by silkies while kayaking and now haunted the island! Other groups wrote hilarious comedies about the making of the Titanic movie, or American tourists offending the French while vacationing in Paris. But the biggest laughs were reserved for the kids’ natural comedic talents in the improv sketches at the very end. All of the kids had a chance to improvise and their actions and reactions were incredibly insightful. They all had us rolling with laughter.” -Constance Van Flandern, Parent Chaperone
“All of my time at Canoe Island was amazing.  A few moments stick out in my mind:
–        Kayaking each morning with Joseph and the kids before breakfast was magical.  The water was calm and quiet and the kids were all excited for the start of the day.
–        Listening to 48 sweet voices sing Imagine by the Beatles around the camp fire made my heart melt.  It was just precious hearing their voices singing that incredible song in such a beautiful setting.
–        Experiencing bioluminescence by the docks at night.  Watching the water light up in green and hearing the kids’ exciting comments “Did you see that??!!!  This is so cooooooool!!!!!!!!!!”
–        Fencing was super fun.  Especially when the kids got to play in between the tipis in the woods.  They had so much playing the Fox and the Hens.
–        The last evening of plays and improv were hilarious. The kids did such a great job on their plays and worked so well together.  There were tears everyone was laughing so hard at the improv!
–        And lastly, the food.  The food was incredible!!!!”
– Michele Roering, Parent Chaperone

Are you thinking about piano lessons for your children?

Genevieve Mason is a French native speaker who came to study piano at the U of O in 1992.  She graduated with a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance and Theory in 2001.
Since then Genevieve has been performing, accompanying, and teaching. She is the vice-president of the OMTA  (Oregon Music Teacher Association) Eugene Chapter.  Genevieve is teaching/has taught many students from Charlemagne, a school she knows well as her son Nathaniel has been in the French Immersion program since kindergarten.  Most of her students are participating in Syllabus and other OMTA activities.  Conveniently, her piano studio is located a few blocks away from the Charlemagne school.
Genevieve has some openings this year, and you can call her if you are interested.  References are available on demand.
Genevieve Mason
4815 Center Way, Eugene OR 97405

Little French School

The Little French School has space remaining for part-time kindergarten! Your child can attend Monday, Wednesday and early Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday and later Friday morning to complement your schedule at Charlemagne. The immersion curriculum at LFS is designed to support your child’s learning in French, literacy, math, and social skills, offering you the possibility of full-time immersion care while offering your child the chance to have an even more enriching kindergarten year. The LFS shuttle bus makes transportation between Charlemagne and The Little French School a breeze, and flexible scheduling options are designed to accommodate your needs.
The Little French School is also interested in connecting with families of children who are not yet 5 but who are ready for some advanced pre-k/early kindergarten work. Part-time and full-time options are available. This can be a great way to get a little preview of French and other skills, and have a leg up for future enrollment at Charlemagne! Please contact us for details.
Give us a call at 541-345-3818 or visit our website to learn more about our programs or schedule a visit. Merci!

Sign up for eScrip:

Participating in eScrip raises money for Charlemagne while you shop–online or off. Money raised helps with classroom needs and contributes to staffing. Every time you swipe your card at a participating merchant or start your online shopping from escrip.com, Charlemagne receives a payment of anywhere from 2-10% of your purchase price.
How to Set up an eScrip Account
  1. Go to www.escrip.com
  2. Click Sign Up – It’s Free
  3. Type in Charlemagne in the Group Name and Search. Our Group ID is 7748978
  4. Click on the school name
  5. Click Next
  6. Fill out your name and address information.
  7. Register all your credit, debit and club cards, including your Safeway card.
  8. Ask grandparents and other family to sign up as well. eScrip is a national program — they don’t need to be local.
Manage your eScrip Account
If you were previously supporting another school with eScrip, log in to my e-scrip at www.escrip.com and change your school affiliation to Charlemagne Group ID# 7748978.
Forgot your password?  Go to www.escrip.com. Click “forgot your password” and they’ll send you an email so you can log in.
Earn money while you shop
Local and national merchants and restaurants automatically donate a percentage of your purchase. When you shop online, start at www.escrip.com and click At the Online Mall. Choose from a list of online stores (such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and The Children’s Place) and Charlemagne will benefit from a percentage of your purchase–at no cost to you.

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