Purple-ToteEugene went plastic bagless May 1… now let Charlemagne help carry your groceries!

Since Eugene joined the ranks of smart sustainable cities like Portland and Seattle by going plastic bagless on May 1, most Eugenians are stocking up on reusable shopping bags to support our city’s green initiative. But are the reusable bags we buy putting money back into our local economy and schools?

Charlemagne School to the rescue with our own sustainable shopping tote with a Fox King design. Charlemagne Totes are made of washable rip stop nylon and have a very cool built-in stuff sack to store them in your backpack, pocket, purse or glove compartment. The bag is a jewel toned royal purple with a yellow/gold silk screened design. Take them to summer camp, or to the pool, the grocery store or the hardware store this summer. Every bag you buy supports our hard earned green school status, keeps Eugene clean from plastic and paper refuse, and adds a couple of bucks toward our teaching staff goals.

We are taking advanced sales at the office so we know how many to order and the school is not out of pocket.

They are priced to get them in use: $6 for one, or buy 3 for $15. Heather will take preorders in the office until May 16. Please put your order as soon as you can so we can be sure to get them to you before the end of May.

For more information please contact Constance Van Flandern at 917 721-4401