The key features of Charlemagne’s safety plan are:

• Students must stay in plain site in designated playground/breezeway areas

• Students who transition to the office or from the playground without their teacher need permission, a clothes pin and should be escorted by a another student

• Adults must check in to the office before visiting

• Students are not to talk to unfamiliar adults and should report unfamiliar adults to the nearest staff member or trusted adult

• At carpool pick up, students must let an adult know when their ride is there to pick them up

• Staff members engage all unfamiliar adults by asking, “May I help you.”

• Skilled and attentive playground supervisors


Communicating with Your Child – Parents Know Best

Evey child is unique and parents know their own child best. As a parent and Grandparent, I thought the following website and communication pointers might be helpful for parents.

Communication Pointers

  • Find out what your child knows about the news.
  • Listen to what your child tells you.
  • Ask a follow-up question.
  • Shield children under age eight from disturbing news.
  • Avoid repeated TV viewings of the same news event.
  • Monitor older children’s exposure to the news.
  • Develop an ongoing dialog with your child about what’s happening in the world.

Eugene School District is Focused on School Safety
Attached you will find a memo to the Eugene School Board outlining the districts commitment to safe, secure schools. Ryan Massey, Eugene School District’s Risk Manager, has already been to Charlemagne to conduct an initial assessment of our buildings, campus and safety procedures. We discussed the possibility of fencing between the woods and the playground and fencing around the upper playground area and installing security cameras in key locations. While we were conducting the assessment of our campus Ryan was impressed that students who were not in class traveled in pairs. We will continue to work with Ryan and in the near future will have recommendations for fencing all or part of our playground area.

Safety and Parent Input
The safety and well being of our students is and will always be our top priority. I encourage parents to continue to share their thoughts and concerns with me and their child’s teacher regarding the safety of our students. Your thoughts and opinions are very helpful as we maintain a daily commitment to a safe and secure learning environment for all students. I am also looking forward to discussing school safety at our January 15th PTO meeting.