I must say, it feels good to be on the mend and back at school with 296 beautiful, smiling faces.

Carpool – Drop Off  8:05 – 8:20

A gentle reminder to all families who drop their children off in the morning. Please pull as far forward as possible, drop off and pull out as quickly and efficiently as possible. It helps when children are prepared and ready for a smooth, efficient exit from their vehicle.  Organized lunches and back packs combined with a quick “I love you and have a great day” will make the drop off process work better for everybody. Needless to say, drivers need to remain in their vehicles and passengers need to exit on the passenger side only. A safe, efficient drop off helps make for a smooth beginning of the school day.

Gift Wrap

We will begin accepting Gift Wrap orders on Tuesday, Oct. 4th. Francine Berryman, Cindy Gupta, and our Gift Wrap volunteers will be in the breezeway before school accepting Gift Wrap orders.  Students who turn in their orders will be eligible for daily prize drawings. The top 3 classrooms, based on participation not total sales, will be rewarded with a class pizza or ice cream party. Our goal is to raise $10, 626.00. More importantly we will emphasize working together to help Charlemagne School. We hope to have all orders in by Friday.

Walk and Bike to School Day – Wed. Oct. 5th

Charlemagne is pleased to participate in the state wide Walk and Ride to School Day. We will take a low keyed approach by encouraging students to walk, ride, skate or car pool to school. Because we are a commuter school we emphasize with students that it is not possible for some families to ride, walk, skate to school. After morning announcements we will survey each class to see how many students were able to walk, ride, skate or car pool to school. Walk and Ride to School results will be includedin  next week’s La Semaine à Charlemagne.

2011 – 12 Enrollment & 2012 -13 Staffing Allotment

I am pleased to report that we are at our maximum enrollment of 296 students with a significant list of families waiting for the opportunity to transfer to Charlemagne. To be at our maximum enrollment on September 30th is a good thing because our 2012 – 2013 staffing allotment will be based on the maximum enrollment of 296 students. We are anticipating additional staffing and budget cuts for the 2012 – 13 school year, so a staffing allotment based on our maximum enrollment of 296 students is definitely good news. Fall is here!

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